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  • How to use Google Apps Script to get data from a connected data sheet

    Regular sheets are straightforward For a regular Google Sheets spreadsheet, it’s fairly easy to use Google Apps Script to get the data contained on a worksheet:     var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();     var regularsheet = spreadsheet.getSheets()[0];     var range = regularsheet.getDataRange();     var values = range.getValues();     for ( j = 0; j < values.length; j++ ){         Logger.log(values[j][0] + ': […]

  • “looks like a filename, but the file does not exist” error when deploying a Cloud Function

    Caveat This fits in the category of “What it ended up being for me, and it may help someone else” and not “I’m an expert on all gcloud errors, and this is always the solution,” so please resist the urge to comment with “This didn’t solve it for me. What’s the solution to my problem?” […]

  • Changing ownership of files in Google Drive via Google Apps Script

    This was a fun little exercise in Google Apps Script to essentially transfer ownership of Google Drive files from one user to another. Here’s a script that the old user should run to change ownership of those files to the new user: ChangeFileFolderOwnership.js And here’s a script that the new user user should run to […]