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  • Scripting changing user icons: dsimport prompts for password in zsh

    2 June, 2021 Update Special shoutout to Armin Briegel for pointing out that the zsh version runs just fine if you use a different variable name from USERNAME. I’ve tried it with USERACCOUNT instead, and I’ve confirmed it works fine with zsh. Original Post Apple is moving toward making zsh the default shell instead of […]

  • Running commands as a user when scripting for Munki or Jamf

    Munki and Jamf run as root, so scripts they execute execute as root, not user. One great way around this is to use Outset‘s login scripts (login-once, login-every), but sometimes you may have occasion to actually run a script immediately as the logged-in user. Obviously, you’ll want to get the currently logged-in user into a […]