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  • Installing macOS in VMware Fusion

    Introduction It’s not that difficult to install a macOS guest VM on a macOS host using VMware Fusion and personal (non-enterprise) licenses for VMware Fusion are now cost-free. But here are the actual steps. Get the installer Method 1 There’s a way built into macOS to get the installer using the softwareupdate –fetch-full-installer command in […]

  • Adobe Package Downloader error on Big Sur

    If you get a The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download the installer file again. error when trying to run the Adobe Package Downloader.app on Big Sur, the quickest workaround (as of the writing of this blog post) is to copy the Adobe Package Downloader.app (or, more precisely, the .dmg […]

  • “An error occurred during personalization” when updating to macOS 11.2

    Update Since I wrote this, Apple has already released macOS 11.2.1, so maybe this is no longer an issue? Not 100% sure. So see below if you are experiencing this issue. What’s the error? You may see this error when trying to download the update to macOS 11.2 if you’re on macOS 11.1. Software Update […]

  • Known Networks settings moved in Big Sur

    In earlier (10.15 and lower) versions of macOS, Apple put the list of known networks in the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.airport.preferences.plist file. In Big Sur (macOS 11.x), Apple moved the known networks to the /Library/Preferences/com.apple.wifi.known-networks.plist file.

  • Semi-automating profile installation in Big Sur

    It’s pretty well known among Mac admins that, starting with Big Sur (macOS 11), Apple has removed the ability for the profiles command to silently install .mobileconfig profiles. Apple wants you to use an MDM to deliver profiles silently… or have users themselves manually install profiles. If you try to install them silently the old […]

  • If you can log in and use sudo but can’t unlock Sys Pref prefpanes in Big Sur

    I and at least one other person on the MacAdmins Slack saw situations in which a known working password (can log into the computer, can use sudo to escalate privileges in the terminal) on an admin account is not working in System Preferences to unlock a prefpane. Special thanks to owen on the MacAdmins Slack […]

  • Installing Rosetta 2 on M1 Apple Silicon Macs (why checks matter)

    Actual guides This isn’t really a guide to how to install Rosetta 2. There are already much better guides for those: Rich Trouton’s Installing Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon Macs Graham Gilbert’s Installing Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon Macs Rich Trouton’s blog post has some checks to make sure the Mac is running at least […]