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How to check the Carbon Black version installed

Posted on November 25, 2020 by alanysiu


Thanks to Clay Haynes for pointing out you can get the version more easily by running /Applications/VMware\ Carbon\ Black\ EDR.app/Contents/MacOS/CbOsxSensorService -v

Back story

In Carbon Black 6.3.0 and 7.0.1, it isn’t super obvious how to check for the version installed.

For example, if you run defaults read /Applications/VMware\ Carbon\ Black\ EDR.app/Contents/Info.plist, you’ll see CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion = "6.0"; (yes, even if you have version 7 installed), and you’ll also see CFBundleShortVersionString = "1.0"; and CFBundleVersion = 1;. Not terribly helpful.

Apparently, though, there is a hidden plist inside of the binary file, so if you run plutil -p /Applications/VMware\ Carbon\ Black\ EDR.app/Contents/MacOS/CbOsxSensorService | grep "CFBundleShortVersionString", you’ll then see for 7.0.1, for example, "CFBundleShortVersionString" => ""

FYI: It doesn’t seem you can get that same info using the plistlib Python library, because the binary isn’t a binary plist, it’s a giant binary file that happens to have plist info inside of it.