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  • Making a custom Nudge launch agent

    Introduction Nudge releases generally come as Nudge, Nudge logger, and the Nudge launch agent. As of this writing, the Nudge launch agent will launch up Nudge every 30 minutes. The package is also signed: If you’re creating your own launch agent, you may want to code-sign it, or you may not have to, depending on […]

  • Using Nudge’s targetedOSVersionsRule

    With a single .json file or a single MDM-delivered configuration profile, you can have various deadlines and desired OS versions for Nudge, depending on the current macOS version of the client. Let’s say, for example, you want an earlier deadline for client machines on a very old build but a later deadline for other client […]

  • Basic default behavior in Nudge (Swift, not Python)

    A couple of years ago, I published an Introduction to Nudge. At the time, Nudge was written in Python and worked in Catalina. The new version of Nudge is written in Swift and works for Big Sur and Monterey (and presumably Alcatraz and beyond). This new version of Nudge has a whole bunch of configurable […]

  • Doing quick tests of customized (Swift) Nudge text

    Introduction The new Swift version of Nudge is available now, and it provides a lot more customization options (and the ability to use either a .json or a configuration profile to set preferences), including lots of customized text. You can, of course, test out your customized test by deploying Nudge to a test machine that’s […]

  • Using a nopkg to “nudge” in Munki for Silicon Macs

    Context This is really just a proof-of-concept, but as of this writing both Nudge and Munki use the softwareupdate binary to try to download updates to see what’s available. With the Silicon chip Macs, Apple has now made it so that softwareupdate will prompt you for a password for downloading pending updates, even if you’re […]

  • Things to keep in mind if using a profile to delay macOS updates

    Now that Apple has removed the –ignore flag from softwareupdate, it’s recommending you use the forceDelayedSoftwareUpdates and enforcedSoftwareUpdateDelay flags (more details in Device Management Profile: Restrictions), which are supposed to, in theory, delay an updates user visibility a certain number of days after the update’s release. The number of days delayed may not be precise […]

  • Introduction to Nudge

    What is Nudge? In 2018, Erik Gomez created Nudge, which is open source and has nine other contributors as of this writing. Part of the beauty of Nudge is its simplicity—it doesn’t actually install any updates itself (it does invoke the softwareupdate binary to check for or download Apple software updates, but it doesn’t actually […]