Tag: scripts

  • Script to find application architectures on your Mac

    Apple has once again switched architectures. It used to be a switch from PowerPC to Intel. Now it is a switch from Intel to Apple Silicon. Vendors are in the process of switching from releasing Intel only or separate Intel and Silicon binaries to releasing universal binaries (that will work on both Intel and Silicon), […]

  • Updates to the AutoPkgReviewAndRun.py script

    3.5 years ago, I created a script to automate running AutoPkg recipes while also verifying trust info and prompting the user to approve or deny any changes. With some prompting from some folks on the #autopkg channel of the MacAdmins Slack, I made a few changes to the script: You can now run the script […]

  • Running daily, weekly, and monthly scripts in macOS using periodic

    Background I was looking for time-based project similar to Outset (which runs boot and login scripts stored in various directories), and apparently there’s one already baked into macOS that will run daily, weekly, and monthly scripts. Shoutout to @elios on the MacAdmins Slack for letting me know about periodic Launch Daemons If you run sudo […]

  • Python script to list software available in a Munki repo

    I created a small project (for fun) to list out software available in a Munki repo. It’s called MunkiItemsList. On a basic level, it looks for all the items that are listed in any optional installs manifest, and then lists out the display name, description, and highest version available. There are some additional options described […]

  • Python 3 script to add optional installs to the SelfServeManifest

    Two years ago, I wrote a bash script that adds a bunch of optional installs to the SelfServeManifest using /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy, which is a fine tool, but it can get bit messy sometimes. I did play around with using /usr/local/munki/manifestutil, but it got a bit convoluted, and I figured “Hey, why not just write it in […]