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  • Ensure your VMware Fusion Macs enroll in Jamf as Computers, not Devices

    It used to be that you could create a VMware Fusion virtual machine Mac, enroll it in Jamf (either by spoofing the serial number for Automated Device Enrollment or just using an auto-generated VM serial for manual enrollment). Recently (not sure when, exactly), you may have noticed if you try to enroll a VMware Fusion […]

  • How to install macOS 12 (Monterey) as a VMware Fusion guest VM

    Notes These are just more fleshed out steps from a brief overview in the VMware Fusion communities online forums. Hopefully, these instructions will be obsolete soon in a future update of VMware Fusion (where you can just select macOS 12, drag the installer to the install wizard, and have VMware Fusion do everything for you). […]

  • Installing macOS in VMware Fusion

    Introduction It’s not that difficult to install a macOS guest VM on a macOS host using VMware Fusion and personal (non-enterprise) licenses for VMware Fusion are now cost-free. But here are the actual steps. Get the installer Method 1 There’s a way built into macOS to get the installer using the softwareupdate –fetch-full-installer command in […]