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Updating Zoom manually if you’re using the Zoom IT installer

Posted on February 17, 2021 by alanysiu

What’s the issue?

Many Mac admins use the Zoom IT installer to keep Zoom up to date, because it can actually be installed in the background.

But if you (as a Mac admin) install the Zoom IT version and don’t immediately update to the latest Zoom version, your users will encounter a Your Zoom application is being managed by your IT administrator. Please contact your IT administrator to request an update. warning if they download a Zoom installer manually and try to install it:

There are two workarounds for this if your users want to update right now instead of tomorrow or next week or whenever you have the newer version scheduled to update on your client Macs.

Workaround 1: Update within Zoom

Probably the best and easiest way for your users to update a Zoom IT–installed Zoom is to just use the built-in check for updates: zoom.us > Check for Updates…

This means the users don’t have to go to the Zoom website, and it also means that the Zoom IT installed version will stay there.

And even though it’s checking from within the app, it does download an installer, which the user (provided the user has admin privileges) can install.

Workaround 2: Delete Zoom

I wouldn’t recommend this method, but your users (again, provided their local admins on their Macs) can also just delete Zoom:

And then a manually downloaded Zoom will install just fine.