Setting up Reposado without downloading Apple update pkgs

Reposado allows you to set up your own local repo of Apple software updates. This can be handy if you want to control the flow of updates (having a testing branch, for example, and then promoting items from testing to production).

With Apple deprecating custom catalog URLs in Catalina (they still work for now, though), you may not want to actually create a full Reposado repo. Maybe you just want a way to check for product keys without replicating the entire repo, including pkgs.

It’s fairly simple to do this:

git clone
sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/reposado
sudo cp -R reposado/code/* /usr/local/reposado/
sudo mkdir -p /Library/Application\ Support/reposado/html
sudo mkdir -p /Library/Application\ Support/reposado/metadata

This is the key part, when you go to configure Reposado, you want the Base URL to be blank:

sudo /usr/local/reposado/repoutil --configure
Filesystem path to store replicated catalogs and updates [/Library/Application\ Support/reposado/html]: /Library/Application Support/reposado/html

Filesystem path to store Reposado metadata [/Library/Application\ Support/reposado/metadata]: /Library/Application Support/reposado/metadata

Base URL for your local Software Update Service
(Example: -- leave empty if you are not replicating updates) []:

Then, you can run

sudo /usr/local/reposado/repo_sync

and the total download should be only about 150 MB (as opposed to hundreds of GB if you were to download all the pkgs as well).






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