Managing macOS Notification Center settings using a Jamf profile

There’s a feature request called Add support for new Notification Settings payloads for Catalina, originally created 19 August, 2019 and currently marked as partially implemented in Jamf Pro 10.19.0, the details being Starting in Jamf Pro 10.19.0, admins may automatically whitelist notifications in macOS Catalina for the Jamf Management Framework and Self Service application bundle..

So you can use Jamf to make sure notifications from Jamf appear. But what if you want to manage notifications for something else… like Munki?

In theory, you could use ProfileCreator, but that’s been crashing for me on Big Sur. Maybe that will be fixed in future releases. If that works for you, you can create the signed profile using that, and then just upload it directly to Jamf.

Another thing you can use is Joshua D. Miller’s .json schema.

In Jamf, go to Configuration Profiles > New. Fill in the usual stuff you would in General.

Then, go to Application & Custom Settings, and select External Applications.

Click Add.

Under Source, select Custom Schema.

For Preference Domain, put in

For Custom Schema, paste in Joshua D. Miller’s .json.

Click Save, and then click Edit.

For Notification Settings, select Configured. Then click Add Value.

You can then select various options for your application (Alert Type, Use Badges on App Icon, Enable Notifications, etc.). Select what you want, but also be sure to fill in Application Identifier, which you can find in ~/Library/Preferences/ For example, for Munki, this would be com.googlecode.munki.ManagedSoftwareCenter.

If you find Jamf documentation to be helpful, you can use Customize the App Using Jamf Pro as a reference, too.





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