Copying the Rosetta 2 installer for offline installations

I honestly don’t know why this gets asked about as often as it does, but I’ve seen several instances in which Mac admins want to know how to get the Rosetta 2 installer .pkg to be installed offline. The installer is about 6.2 MB, so I don’t think bandwidth is the issue, but maybe it is.

In any case, if you have a Silicon-chip Mac with an active Internet connection, run softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license to install Rosetta 2. Then, run grep "RosettaUpdateAuto.pkg" /var/log/install.log to find where the installer downloaded to.

The location will likely be something like /var/folders/f5/_hdu19hcuin1ckjnqkjcndwkcnadskjnckjqwn/T/OAHSoftwareUpdate/RosettaUpdateAuto.pkg. Go to wherever it is in Finder, and then copy that installer .pkg to wherever you want it to be.

Note: I’m just telling you how to locate the installer. I’m not vouching for it working offline, since I haven’t tested that.


  1. I would advise against doing this. Apple did state in a presentation that Rosetta2 would be periodically updated for compatibility and performance reasons.

    1. Yeah, I’m not really recommending this approach, and I don’t really use it myself. I just have seen people ask how to do this, and this appears to be a way you can do it.

  2. If you try to install Rosetta 2 via Softwareupdate druing the enrollment it often fails with “update not avalibale”. Actually this will fail many packages to install that requiers rosetta 2 because they are not yet universal (hardwarerequierment/arm64).
    After some reboots the softwareupdate command will work. To proof the enrollment it cloud make sence to install Rosetta 2 via PKG.
    Thank you for your post.

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