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Fixing Jamf device signature error

Even though this Jamf Nation thread is five years old, as of this writing, it’s still got the solution to the Device Signature Error - A valid device signature is required to perform the action error message.

In my experience, the actual working solution is to run sudo jamf enroll -prompt and then enter credentials when prompted. Repeatedly running sudo jamf recon (even after a reboot) or sudo jamf policy doesn’t fix the issue, nor does verifying that the system clock time is correct.

Now why this comes up in the first place on a freshly factory-reset computer that DEP-enrolled in Jamf—who knows but Jamf?

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THANK YOU for the referehser. I’m so glad you closed with “who knows but Jamf?” – thought I was insane that my factory reset dep enrolled 10.15.6 machine was throwing this error. Did wonder if it was a 10.15.7 software update issue but even if it was … it seems like a long-lived issue. Saved my bacon though being on a tight timeline and having not used the enroll -prompt to refresh the cert (that looks, otherwise, to be valid…) … in a number of years when I was hitting this problem frequently due to problems, or so it seemed, between JAMF/MacOS 10.13.x and the T2 machines the special 10.13 build ran on. I frankly forgot all about it (PTS I’m sure).

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