UseAdditionalHttpHeaders preference for MunkiReport 5.8.0

Posted on September 13, 2023 by alanysiu

Extra preference to consider

If you use authorization headers for your Mac clients to communicate with your MunkiReport server and are upgrading from MunkiReport 5.7.1 (which still uses Python 2) to MunkiReport 5.8.0 (which uses Python 3), be aware that there is an additional preference to set if you want your headers to be used: UseAdditionalHttpHeaders

You can see in the 5.7.1 code for that the UseAdditionalHttpHeaders key isn’t used.

And then you can see in the 5.8.0 code for that the UseAdditionalHttpHeaders key is now used.

Note about Python3 branch for modules

If you’re updating your MunkiReport modules, you’ll want to use the mr5-python3 branch until MunkiReport 6 comes out:


Special thanks to John Eberle at the MacAdmins Slack for that tip about which module branch to use.

munkireport python3 upgrades

Mac admin'ing


2 thoughts on “UseAdditionalHttpHeaders preference for MunkiReport 5.8.0

  1. September 15, 2023 at 09:21:06 PM by Jakub Staubr

    I think this is not a new key but rather a bug. I reported it here
    It was changed by mistake from UseMunkiAdditionalHttpHeaders and will be fixed back in 5.8.1


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