Some basics on switching from DEPNotify to swiftDialog

DEPNotify is a program that allows you to display a little progress screen while a Mac is getting set up via MDM and/or Munki (or some other scripts). Even though there aren’t any major security issues (as of this writing) with DEPNotify, it’s also not being maintained, and it’s currently (again, as of this writing) seen three years since its last update:

swiftDialog is a bit more actively maintained. It isn’t technically for notifications during Automated Device Enrollment (formerly known as DEP), but it can be used in a similar way to how you may have used DEPNotify (if you’ve used it in the past or are currently using it).

As a very simple example, for DEPNotify, you might launch it up, and then send commands like these to get a vary basic dialogue for your users:

echo "Command: Image: /Users/Shared/MAF_Badge_4c.png" >> /var/tmp/depnotify.log
echo "Command: DeterminateManual: 5" >> /var/tmp/depnotify.log
echo "Command: DeterminateManualStep: 2" >> /var/tmp/depnotify.log
echo "Status: Checking for Munki downloads..." >> /var/tmp/depnotify.log
echo "Command: MainText: Don't worry. We're doing something really cool to your Mac right now.\r\r Just sit back and relax." >> /var/tmp/depnotify.log
echo "Command: MainTitle: This is your new Mac\!" >> /var/tmp/depnotify.log

You can get a similar type effect in swiftDialog with a launch of:

dialog --title "This is your new Mac\!" \
--message "Don't worry. We're doing something really cool to your Mac right now.\n\n Just sit back and relax." \
--icon /Users/Shared/MAF_Badge_4c.png \
--button1text none \
--progress 100

And then a couple of extra commands to update the dialogue:

echo "progresstext: Checking for Munki downloads..." >> /var/tmp/dialog.log
echo "progress: 20" >> /var/tmp/dialog.log

At first glance, you might think the DEPNotify dialogue looks better, but there are a lot of customization options for swiftDialog. You can have background images, sidebar text, different fonts, specifed size, a blurred background (or not), etc. More details in the swiftDialog wiki.





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